Running an efficient company, regardless of size, starts by managing your suppliers effectively

Posted on May 23, 2019

Alright, your business has been doing just fine over the past few years. You’ve been able to find a good market, your customers are reasonably happy and you get to spend most of your time thinking on one specific thing: how to sell more and generate more revenues.

For the most part, that’s a story most business owners would like to have, however, if you’ve ever owned a business, you know that’s NOT your story.

Why do I say this? Because running a business means way more than just thinking about selling more. Running a business is a journey that involves several activities that rarely align with what you actually expected to happen.

When you manage a company, you have to take care of your customer, your product, your service, your operation, your finances, your employees, your rent, your suppliers. No matter how much you can delegate, having skin in the game means you want to know what is going on during every step of the way.

Problems arise every day, and you end up allocating less time to sell and more time to all other issues that need to be solved on a day to day basis.

Let’s think about this for a second. If your main goal is to sell more, but you have so many business issues that prevent you from allocating more time to sell, why don’t you go to the root of the problem? Why don’t you start by fixing the process from the beginning so you are able to get the visibility you need and have an efficient organization built from the ground up?

It all starts by having an effective relationship with your suppliers. Managing this process will allow you to better predict your cash-flows needs, your financing needs, the quality of your products, your inventory, your production goals, your costs. Does any of these sound familiar? I’m very confident that some of the issues that prevent you from selling more are included in this short article

While this sounds like a difficult task, I assure you that it is NOT. You can organize your business and run a more efficient operation

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