Frequently Asked Questions

What is ASAP?

ASAP stands for Automated Streamlined Accounts Payable. It’s an automated bill payment solution that helps your company significantly reduce the time and costs associated with processing invoices and payments to suppliers and vendors.

Why should I choose an ASAP solution?

Has the volume of the invoices that you receive increased recently?

Do you find yourself wishing you could spend less time processing invoices, sending payments, or seeking payment approvals within your company?

Have you ever been a victim of payments fraud--or are you concerned that your company may be vulnerable?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, ASAP can help you.

How does ASAP simplify my accounts payable process?

ASAP allows you to upload all the invoices you receive from your vendors and route them for approval. After approving an invoice, ASAP automatically creates a payment for your approval. Once you’ve approved the payment, the system sends it to the vendor. It’s all integrated with your ERP system.

How can ASAP help get bills approved and paid faster?

ASAP takes care of some of the steps that you would otherwise have to do yourself. Our software allows you to send a request for approval online. That is, it allows the management to approve every invoice or payment request remotely. You don’t have to wait for paperwork to go back and forth.

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